9 Types of Images To Promote Your Shop On Social Media

Jun 2, 2016 | Marketing Tactics

Being active on social media is a great way to build a following of fans and grow your business by promoting your products and your brand to a bazillion of potential customers.

If you know you have to be more active on social media, but you’re not sure what type of images to post, read on!
Here are 9 types of images you can share on social media to promote your shop.

1 – Behind the Scenes | Workspace | Tools & Process

Something that people loooove to see is how you made what you are selling. People buying handmade products do it because they know it supports the maker behind it, and because they believe in craftmanship. So why not show them a few pictures of what’s happening behind the scenes?

You could take a picture of your workspace, your studio, show them the tools you use, etc. What I like the most about it is that it’s really authentic. It instantly gives your followers access to the story of your products.

eg. @brushandpencils (image source)


2 – Inspirational Quote | Humor

If you know who your ideal customer is, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a quote that your followers will connect to and find inspiring… or even funny! There are plenty of free quote generators for Instagram out there that will let you design and share a quote image without tech or design skills in a matter of minutes.

I thought this was hilarious (I also had too much coffee today so totally feeling the pain!):

eg. @tessaandjack (image source)


3 – Customer-Generated Content

When customer send you pictures of them wearing or using one of your products, or mentions you in one of their Instagram pictures, why don’t you ask if you can share it?

When customer sends you pictures of them wearing or using one of your products, or mentions you in one of their Instagram pictures, why not ask if you can share it?

Consider this type of post like you would consider customers reviews on your website or Etsy store: they’re there to help you build trust in your products and credibility. In other words: they’re damn important in growing your business and making more sales!

4 – Upcoming product | Sneak Peak | Work in progress 

This type of post is great to create buzz for your handmade shop. Not only you’re giving your followers a look at the “behind the scenes” but you’re also letting them see a sneak peak of what your next product or collection might look like.

It’s a great way to engage with them and listen to what they have to say. Don’t be scared of asking them questions while in the middle of your creative process.

eg. “Working on the autumn collection -what colors do you like most?”

eg. @espumante_toys (image source)


5 – Completed Product | Lifestyle Product Shots

This is a pretty obvious one but hey…I am still going to list it! Taking pictures of your products is the simplest way to promote your products on Instagram. Of course, you don’t want to do that too often or you’ll bore your followers, but why not showcase your newest addition to create buzz around it?

Look at the example below for some inspiration! I love this simple video from @violetdaydream! Such a simple but efficient way to bring the product to life!

eg. @violetdaydream (image source)


eg. @pochandcozy (image source)


6 – Packaging

You know that feeling when you’ve ordered something online and you just can not wait to receive that damn parcel? Like you’re literally checking the item tracking service 5 times a day? Yep. We’ve all been there!

What’s the first thing a customer sees when they receive a parcel from you? The lovely packaging of course! Posting images of this packaging helps to create that “I’m so excited to receive my package” feeling and helps potential customers visualize buying and receiving something special from your shop.

eg. @thenorthernlicker (image source)


7 – Personal Images | Meet the Maker

This one is simple: open up to your followers. Introduce yourself, where you live, what you love, what you do on the weekend, your family, your dog, etc.

Anything that can help them understand better who you are is good to take!

8 – Other Makers Work

Sharing the work of other makers is a great way to engage with the handmade community and to make ‘makers friends’. Maybe some of them will return the favor and share one of your pictures to their followers, but just as importantly it shows that you’re generous, caring and confident in your product, which goes a long way when it comes down to a potential customer basing their buying decision on which shop owner they’d most like to see do well.

9 – Creative Inspiration

Finally, you can use Instagram to share what inspire you and your work. Flowers on your way to work, colors in a landscape, etc.

Look at this great example from @sienandco (image source)



I hope this post helped you brainstormed some ideas of posts that you can post on social media. I took all the examples above from Instagram because it is the n#1 visual social media platform, but you could post these images to your Facebook page, your Twitter account, or any other social network you know your customers use!

–> Don’t forget to grab your free Instagram Content Planner to brainstorm, organize and schedule your Instagram posts from week to week and grow your shop followers!

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