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I will be adding swipe copy (email + social) as well as banners, images, and a freebie (Ebook) that you can share with your audience very soon. I will send you an email when everything has been updated in the affiliate area 🙂

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Tips to make the most out of this launch

Here are a few simple tips to help you make the most out of this launch and get great results from your promotional efforts! Again, if you have any question, feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to assist you.


Put together an exclusive bonus that supports the content of Makers Biz. Offering something extra for signing up through your link is a great way to get more people to sign up.


Mail at least 2 to 3 times to direct traffic to the summit landing page. The best is to schedule this in your email service provider ahead of time. If you want to email more than that, have a look at the calendar and key dates and pick the dates that work best for you. Last year, most sales happens before the summit even started asnd before the price increase. Make sure to promote the summit during that time to get more sales.


Don’t forget to email your ‘unopens’. You wouldn’t believe how effective this is to get people who didn’t open the first time to open the second time around. Most email marketing providers offer that option. If you use Converkit follow this process. 


Share on social media frequently before and during the event. Make sure you schedule this in advance… you will get all the graphics for each network as well as copy, making it super easy 🙂


Mail often before the event ends since that will drive more opt-ins and sales. Once the summit ends, the cart will be closed and no more sales will be possible. The event will eventually be turned into an evergreen product, but the price points will be different: $197 ( for the interview sessions without the practical workshops) and $297 (with the workshops).


If you are speaking at Makers Biz, mail on the day before your session and a few hours before your session goes live. This tend to work really well! I will send you a reminder the day before as well 🙂