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What is Maker’s Biz?

MAKERS BIZ is an online conference aimed at helping makers and handmade entrepreneurs start, grow and profit from their handmade shops.

It has been created for makers and handmade entrepreneurs, etsy sellers, and mompreneurs with a knack for the handmade and determined to make a living from it. Over 25 experts and successful handmade entrepreneurs will be sharing strategies and actionnable tips to help them start and grow a successful business. 

This conference is organized to be as “implementable” as possible for the attendees and is organized following a clear roadmap. There is 2 types of sessions: 

  • Experts talks / Interviews with speakers (both LIVE and pre-recorded)
  • Hands-on workshops (think “actionable webinar” but without any sales pitch).

The 2018 edition focuses on selling handmade products online and will cover 3 main issues:

Topics include: Pricing, Bookkeeping, Setting up shop (Etsy or own website), Branding, and much more. Everything they need to get started selling online.


Topics include: Marketing strategy and planning, how to direct (the right kind of) traffic to Etsy or their own website using social media, ads, SEO, etc. 

 Topics include: Sales and conversion strategy using paid ads, retargeting, email marketing, social media, photography, corpywriting, and much more.

Calendar + key dates

I suggest 3 different promo plans depending on what your schedule looks like and how much you’d like to share this event with your audience:


Of course, you can make your own plan to fit your business and calendar, these are just suggestions and guidelines.

I recommend you email at least 2 to 3 times to the summit landing page to direct traffic to it.

Below are some of the key dates to add to your calendar, and we’ll follow up via email ahead of time with more details and promotional resources to give you all the support you need.


Promote the event as much or as little, and as enthusiastically as you wish! I appreciate you all the same 🙂 


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Who else is supporting and speaking ?

Here’s a partial list of the amazing Speakers and/or Partners who have already said “YES!” and LOCKED-IN their spot for Makers Biz 2018. To join in on the fun, apply below!


Mei Pak

Founder of Creative Hive and Tiny Hands Jewelry 

Danielle Spurge

Founder of The Merriweather Council

Kiffanie Stahle

Founder - The Artist JD

Morgan Nield

Founder - Morgan Nield and Little Highbury

Jess Van Den

Founder - Create And Thrive

Jami King

 Founder - The Handmade Journey

Amy Eaton

Amy Takes Pictures and Picture Profit Academy

Dalia Abdalla

The Handmade Mastermind and Modern Pink Paper

Janet Le Blanc

Founder - Paper And Spark - Certified Public Accountant

Jeff Daigle

Founder - Denver Business Design Consulting

Clare Yuille

Founder - The Indie Retail Academy

Arianne Foulks

Founder - Aeolidia

Kristin Wilson

Founder - Society of Creative Founders

Tracy Matthews

Co-Founder - Flourish and Thrive Academy

Rachel Miller

Founder - Moolah Marketing

Jenni Waldrop

Founder - Etsy Academy and Fuzzy + Birch

Natwar Maheshwari

Founder -

Alisa Meredith

Pinterest Expert -

Dani Marie

Founder - The Handmade Seller Magazine

Mikaela Danver

Founder - The Makers Collective

Kate Pullen

 Founder - Make for Business

Sarah Quinney

The E-commerce Business Coach

Richie Peplin

Co-Founder - Marmalead

Gordon Hardy

Co-Founder Marmalead

Sarah Sewell

The Joyful Entrepreneur - Artisan Indie

Chaitra Radhakrishna

Founder - Pink Pot Studio

Lesley Hays

Founder - Artisan Analytics

Jake Phillips

CEO - Whatify

Christina Beard

Founder - Christina CEO

Kate Foley

Founder - The Shop Files

Anthony Wolf

Founder - Etsy Rank

Sara Millis

Founder - My Indie Life Blog

Speakers have been featured in

all the tools and support you need

Social Media and FB ADS posts

All the images and graphics you need to share Makers Biz with your followers on social media or even run your own FB ads. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, blog header, sidebar banner and more!

email and social swipe copy

To save you time and/or help you get inspired, you will get access to swipe copy files for email promotions and social sharing (tweets, etc.).

Of course you are free to edit and change whatever parts you wish or even write your own entirely!

Quick access to links + stats

Once you’ve applied, you will find all your links in your affiliate area. They are easy to find and ready to copy paste. No looking in past emails to find your unique link and wondering if it still works. Access the data you need to track your efforts: visits, referrals, conversion rate, etc. All your statistics are in your affiliate area. 

free guide (playbook) to share

 We will be putting together a free playbook that you can share with your subscribers and followers to make it even easier to promote this event. Giving them something access to something that´s tangible and that they can access instantly. The playbook will have tips on how to start and grow a handmade business successfully as well as useful info about Makers Biz and how to make the most out of it (+room for taking notes).

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how does this online conference works?


To make sure that you understand how Maker’s Biz work, take a look below. Still have questions? Email deb [at] with any question you may have!


  • Registering to Makers Biz is free (simple email opt-in)
  • Once they signed up, attendees are emailed the link to access the videos for free on the day when the session is released. The “Sessions” page shows the schedule of when each video will be available for a FREE viewing. Each video can be viewed for free  for 48h before it is locked away.
  • To unlock it and get access to all the interviews, workshops, and bonuses, the attendees are given an option to upgrade to the ‘All Access Pass” (AAP) at any time before and during the summit.
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Tips to make the most out of this launch

Here are a few simple tips to help you make the most out of this launch and get great results from your promotional efforts! Again, if you have any question, feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to assist you.


Put together an exclusive bonus that supports the content of Maker’s Biz. Offering something extra for signing up through your link is a great way to get more people to sign up.


Mail at least 2 to 3 times to direct traffic to the summit landing page. The best is to schedule this in your email service provider ahead of time. If you want to email more than that, have a look at the calendar and key dates and pick the dates that work best for you. The more, the better! Last year, most sales happened before the summit even started and before the price went up. Make sure to email during that time to get more sales. 


Don’t forget to email your ‘unopens’. You wouldn’t believe how effective this is to get people who didn’t open the first time to open the second time around. Most email marketing providers offer that option. If you use Converkit follow this process.  


Share on social media frequently before and during the event. Make sure you schedule this in advance… you will get all the graphics for each network as well as copy, making it super easy 🙂


Mail often before the event ends since that will drive more opt-ins and sales. Once the summit ends, the cart will be closed and no more sales will be possible. The event might eventually be turned into an evergreen product, but the price points will be different.  


If you are speaking at Makers Biz, mail on the day before your session and a few hours before your session goes live. This tend to work really well! I will send you a reminder the day before as well 🙂

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affiliate details and house rules

  • The affiliate system tracks people through from free email sign-ups into the upgrade option. This means that if you promote the live event to your audience, and any of those free sign-ups ultimately decide to purchase an All Access Pass, you will get the credit for that! 
  • Affiliate receive 50% commission of all sales for All Access Pass referred.
  • Commissions are paid 45 days after the cart closed.
  • Your affiliate link & swipe copy will be sent to you ahead of time. During the event we will also send you emails with reminder for key dates to make it easier for you to keep track of what’s happening. 
  • No monkey business! No cash incentives; no teaming up with others; declare you are an affiliate; it needs to be clear that you’re a partner and that you are not portraying yourself as me (Deborah) through your marketing efforts; no cookie stuffing; no spamming… Just good, happy, human, respectful promoting! 


You get 50% of any sales made for the Makers Biz All Access Pass. Prices will range from $67-$97 during the early bird pricing, $147-$197 afterwards.

Want to become a affiliate and share the love for Makers Biz with your audience? Apply below.

If you have ANY questions at all, please contact me at deb [at] and I’ll do my best to assist and get you what you need 🙂

Thank you for your support! 

I look forward to a successful event and launch with you by my side!

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