Makers Biz Manifesto

  • Makers Biz is about helping makers use their handmade skills to design and sustain a life they love.
  • It’s about bringing more kindness, compassion, and love into our homes by advocating craftmanship over industrial efficiency.
  • It’s about building up upon this beautiful community of ours that is the handmade world and create genuine, respectful relationships between the attendees, the speakers, and the host.
  • No “sell-your-soul” marketing tactics: Makers Biz offers very valuable content at a price that is still very reasonable and attractive and I am convinced that the full access pass for this event is worth every penny. But I also believe that icky marketing isn’t the only way. I believe that honesty, trust, and valuable content should be the base of any sales pitch.
  • Although it is encouraged, Makers Biz does not require speakers to promote the event if they do not want to. Neither would I ever ask how many subscribers are on a speaker list. I find downright shocking that some people even ask for that.
  • Each speaker and contributor is picked based solely on their knowledge, experience, and whether they are a good fit to deliver helpful content for the attendees on a chosen topic.

Let’s create a fun and helpful event together!