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I know it can be hard to figure out what to do next and what to focus on to grow your handmade business. That's why I organized this event like a course.  Maker's Biz is a roadmap that you can follow, jam-packed with actionable interviews and practical workshops to help you take action, implement proven strategies, and get results faster.

I am certain that if you follow the Maker's Biz roadmap and implement the tactics you learn from our experts along the way, you will see some great results and your handmade business will grow abundantly. 

Don't spend spend years “figuring it out,”and hours ovewhelmed tyring to look for strategies on the internet.

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  • The Maker's Biz Mastermind Community ($197 Value)
  • Exclusive bonuses and resources from our experts and partners

What you will learn...

  • How to set up your business legally;
  • How to price your products;
  • How to craft a beautiful brand and packaging to “wow” your customers;
  • How to create product collections that will sell like crazy;
  • How to define a business plan and set up a productivity system to reach goals systematically;
  • How to put in place a simple yet effective bookkeeping system;
  • How to set up your own online shop and sell your products online (Shopify + Wordpress);
  • How to make more sales on Etsy and leverage the platform to finally take control over your income;
  • How to apply and sell at craft markets and live events;
  • How to get ready for wholesale and get your products in retail stores
  • How to use proven social media and marketing tactics to drive more traffic and sales to your handmade shop with....
    • instagram,
    • email marketing,
    • Facebook Ads,
    • and more!

5+ practical workshops

  • Define and find your ideal customers
  • Get brand clarity
  • Design your logo, even if you're not a designer!
  • Set up your shop with Wordpress or Shopify 
  • Set up your first email marketing sales funnel

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100 % Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, no hassles, no problems.

The experts you will be learning from

Jennifer Lee

Author and Speaker - The Right Brain Business Plan

Holly Casto

Founder -

Kiffanie Stahle

Founder - The Artist JD

Hillary Pullen

Author of  "Online Marketing for your Craft Business"

Jess Van Den

Founder - Create And Thrive

Tara Swiger

Andreea Ayers

Founder - Launch Grow Joy

Lela Barker

Founder - Lucky Break Consulting

Janet Le Blanc

Founder - Paper And Spark - Certified Public Accountant

Renae Christine

Founder - Rich Mom Business

Clare Yuille

Founder - The Indie Retail Academy

Robin Kramer

Co-Founder - Flourish and Thrive Academy

Tracy Matthews

Co-Founder - Flourish and Thrive Academy

Donna Maria

Founder - Indie Business Network

Jenni Waldrop

Founder - Etsy Academy and Fuzzy + Birch

Jenna Herbut

Founder - Make It Show and Make it University

Julia Bickerstaff

Founder - The Business Bakery

Dani Marie

Founder - The Handmade Seller Magazine

Mikaela Danver

Founder - The Makers Collective

Monica Ng

 Founder - The Nerd Burgers

Lisa Jacobs

Founder - Market Your Creativity

Cory Huff

Founder - The Abundant Artist

Vickie Howell

Founder -

Kristen King

Founder -

Elle Roberts

Founder - ArtfulBiz Conference

Jeremy Howie

Facebook Ads Expert -Enlightened Marketing

Pru Chapman


Richie Peplin

Co-Founder - Marmalead

Gordon Hardy

Co-Founder Marmalead

100 % Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, no hassles, no problems.
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100 % Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, no hassles, no problems.

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no matter where, you're at - we've got you covered. Follow the roadmap.

The summit is organized like a course and follow a simple roadmap to take you from "just getting started" to "successful and profitable". It covers every aspect of runnig a handmade business so that, no matter which direction you decide to take, we've got you covered. And with the workshops you don't even need to worry about the nitty gritty anymore (like setting up your online shops, or designing your logo), we'll walk you through that too!

watch at your convenience - maybe even weeks or months from now

Where will you be in 6 months from now? The All-Access-Pass lets you re-watch the interviews and workshops that are the most valuable to you, wherever you're at with your business. Maybe you're not ready to sell wholesale now, but how about in 6 months. Take your time and follow the roadmap, we'll guide you through your journey 

enjoy exclusive bonuses and take things a step further with extra tools and resources 

With your All-Access-Pass you get access to discount and promotion, as well as free ebooks and courses to take your learning one step further. The bonuses are not offered anywhere else and will by themselves pay back your small investment in the summit. 

get an answer to all your questions and access a community of like-minded shop owners who won't let you quit

As part as your All-Access-Pass you will be invited to join - for free - an exclusive and private Mastermind Community where you'll be able to get help support from myself and the summit's expert to any questions you might have. This is in itself worth thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of time saved, and 

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Your all access pass includes

Lifetime access to 25+ hours of expert session videos ($2,297 Value)

All recordings in audio format so you can listen offline or on the go ($197 Value)

The Maker's Biz Private Mastermind Community ($197 Value)

surprises, bonuses and discounts from our speakers and partners

your roadmap to a successful handmade shop

a step-by-step program 

Step 1 - build a solid foundation

Setting Up Shop

Legal set up, business plan, bookeeping and accounting, etc.

building a solid foundation

Perfect pricing, products and collection, ideal customers, and much more.

Productivity & mindset

Creativity, productivity tips, system to get things done, etc.

Branding and packaging

Brand identity, logo design, photography, packaging your products, etc.

Step 2 - sell your products


How to make more sales on Etsy and gain control over your income

your online shop

How to grow your handmade biz by selling your products on your own website


How to grow your business through the retail/wholesale channel

craft markets/fairs

How to grow your business selling your products on craft fairs and markets

Step 3 - implement proven marketing + sales strategies 

social media

How to leverage social media  to get more sales and followers

Pr / press 

Get the press to talk about your products and bring more traffic to your shop

online marketing

Email marketing, Facebook ads, blogging for makers, etc.

100 % Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, no hassles, no problems.

+ Exclusive Bonuses and special deals

Free access to the ebook "Take control of your bookkeeping" ($29 value)

10% off the Right Brain Business Plan Home Study Program 

15% off your subscription to the Handmade Seller Magazine

Free access to the "Time Optimizer Formula" ($49 value)

$50 off Craft Maker Pro - inventory and pricing software

Free access to the 'Selling Art on Instagram" course ($29 value)

Free Access to video training ($50 value)

50% off the 100-Day Goal Boost + 15% off the 100-Day Goal Journal ($70 value)

where will your handmade business be 6 months from now?

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