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 your handmade shop

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MAKERS BIZ has been created for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs, and for anyone with a knack for the handmade and determined to make a living from it. 

Over 25 experts and successful handmade entrepreneurs are sharing with you their best strategies and laying down the roadmap to a profitable handmade biz.

With a range of expert talks and hands-on workshops, all the sessions are value-packed and action-oriented; allowing you to effectively implement what you’ve learnt and cut years of trial and error off your learning curve.

This online event is organized into 3 easy-to-follow steps:

start a handmade business


Step 1

Learn how to build a solid foundation for your handmade business: legal set up, pricing, branding, product collections, money management, and much more! All you need to start (or re-assess) your handmade shop.

grow your handmade business


Step 2

Start selling your products and making money! Pick the right channel to sell your products and reach your customers; and learn the best strategies to selling on your own website, on online marketplaces, at craft markets and to retail stores.

profit from your handmade business


Step 3

Scale your handmade business and turn your shop into a successful and profitable biz! Learn from renowned experts the best social media and marketing tactics to drive more traffic and sales to your handmade shop.

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Step 1 – Launch
We will be covering topics such as…

Setting Up Shop

Legal set up, business plan, bookeeping and accounting, etc.

building a solid foundation

Perfect pricing, products and collection, ideal customers, etc.

Productivity & mindset

Creativity, productivity tips, mompreneurship, system to get things done, etc.


Brand identity, logo design, photography, and so much   more!

Step 2 – Sell
We will be covering topics such as…

online marketplaces

How to leverage online marketplaces such as Etsy to grow your handmade business     

your online shop

How to grow your handmade biz by selling your products on your own website


How to grow your business through the retail/wholesale channel

craft markets/fairs

How to grow your business selling your products on craft fairs and markets

Step 3 – Grow
We will be covering topics such as…

social media

How to leverage social media to build your tribe and get more sales

Pr / press 

Get the press to talk about your products and bring more traffic to your shop

online marketing

Email marketing, viral contests, FB ads, discounts and sales, blogging, etc.

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who’s presenting and what are the sessions about?

Our speakers are world-class experts and successful handmade entrepreneurs who will share with you tips and strategies they’ve learnt from experience – so you don’t have to make the mistakes they made when they started! All sessions are jam-packed with action-driven tips and tricks that you can apply to your own business.

part 1 - Set up shop

session 1 


Kiffanie Stahle

Setting up your business legally 

Learn how to set up your business legally: steps you need to take to be "legit", sole proprietorship, LLC, copyright, business permits and licenses: Kiffanie walks you step-by-step (and in plain English) through your handmade business legal roadmap. Checklists included 🙂

session 2


Janet Le Blanc

Demystifying bookkeeping and taxes for makers

Everything you need to know and do to create a simple yet effective bookkeeping system. Janet covers everything from sales tax, income tax, inventory, and everything in between so you can take control of your business finances, without the headache that usually comes with it.

session 3

business plan

Jennifer Lee

The right brain business plan

To go from hobby to business, you most certainly need a plan. But the process of creating a viable business plan can feel like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. In this session, Jennifer shows you her step-by-step approach to crafting a business plan the right-brain way and turning your passion into a profitable business.

building a solid foundation 

Session 4

ideal customer workshop

Deborah Engelmajer
Practical Workshop

practical workshop: defining your ideal customer 

Your ideal customer is the base upon which you should be making every single business decision. Getting clarity on exactly who that ideal customer is will help you find and attract the right buyers to your shop and ultimately, make more sales.

In this practical workshop, we take the bull by the horns and use some simple but powerful exercices to define the ideal customer for your handmade shop. Workbook included! 

session 5 

product collections

Renae Christine

the handmade product line formula 

What if there was a magic formula to create handmade product lines that sell like hot cakes? Well, there is!

In this short, power-session, Renae teaches you how to create a cohesive and successful product collections, in a simple, straight-forward kind of way! 

session 6

pricing strategy 1/2

Gary Capps

pricing your products accurately: the right way to calculate your costs

In this session, Gary shows you how to accurately calculate the costs of running your business (direct and indirect), work out what your hourly rate should be, and set the base for a profitable pricing strategy. Stop undervaluing your work and get paid what you are worth! Oh and... did I mention you get access to a plug-and-play calculator so you don't actually have to do the maths yourself?

session 7 

pricing strategy 2/2

Lela Barker 

how to use value-based pricing and why you absolutely should

In this session, Lela walks you through her "pricing backwards formula" and sheds light on what comes after you've worked out what your costs are. Stop using tired cliche formulas and learn how to use and leverage 'value-based' pricing to understand your place in the market, define your product development budget, communicate your value and command the best price possible. You don't want to miss this one!

productivity and mindset

session 8 

founder story

Tracy Matthews

what it takes (and what it means) to build your dream business

Tracy is an incredibly talented designer who has built a successful and profitable business (twice!) around what she is most passionate about: creating beautiful jewelry pieces. In this session, she shares with us her successes, but also (and most importantly) her failures to help you understand what it takes and what it means to build your dream business, and how do it right the first time around. Her story is inspiring and full of invaluable takeaways, don't miss out!

session 9 


Donna Maria Coles Johnson

leadership the indie business way: build your business and enjoy your life

In this session, Donna Maria goes back to the fundamentals of any successful handmade business:

The ability to lead your business and your life in a way that not only will help you make more sales and grow you business significantly, but also help you design and live a life that you can thrive in. 

session 10


Julia Bickerstaff

the 100-day goal: the complete system to set and achieve your goals 

It can be hard to get things done when you run a small business. With so much on your to-do list you're probably wondering how it's even possible to fit it all in?! Meet Julia! In this invaluable session, she shares and walks you through implementing her 100-day goal system so you can finally take control of that to-do list and achieve your goals, big or small.

session 11


Pru Chapman

Entrepreneurial roadblocks: how to overcome the hurdles

Building a successful handmade business is an adventure, and as with any adventure, there might be times when things get hard. This is the session you will want to come back to every time you wonder why you even started a business in the first place: when things get tough, when life gets in the way, when you face doubt or failure, or when you simply feel like you don't have it anymore.

Pru's advice and experience is priceless and will help you overcome any obstacle that might come your way!

branding your shop

session 12


Mikaela Danvers

5 things you can do right now to improve your product photography

If you can't invest in a professional photographer and/or want to learn how to take photos of professional standard yourself, this session is for you! Learn how to work with light, master your camera settings to make the most out of it, and create a cheap photo studio with (very!) affordable tools and accessories. 

session 13

visual branding

Kristen King

visual branding: telling the story of your brand through photos and videos

In this jam-packed session, Kristen will show you what great photos and video can do for your brand, why you need more than white background images, how to plan a photo shoot for your products, why you should be leveraging videos and how to start creating your own...even if you think you're not ready! Handy worksheets included!

session 14

branding workshop 1/2


practical workshop: get brand clarity 

In the first part of our practical branding workshops, we take a deep dive into the core elements of your handmade business to establish your brand guiding rules. There is more than the visual elements (logo, color palette, etc.) to your branding and this is exactly what we will be focusing on here.

With fun and simple exercices, you will craft a powerful brand identity that will attract your ideal customers, turn them into raving fans, and increase your sales!

session 15

branding workshop 2/2


practical workshop: designing your brand even if you're not a designer

In this second practical branding workshop, we take what you've learnt in the first one and turn it into a beautiful, tangible, visual brand identity. Learn the best ways to create a professional looking brand (logo, typography and color palette) even if you're not a designer and without breaking the bank. 

selling on etsy

session 16

etsy tips 1/2

Jenni Waldrop www.blog.fuzzyandbirch.com

Build an audience, take control of your income and grow your etsy shop

What if you could take control over your Etsy income and avoid those ups and downs? What if you didn't have to wait on Etsy to send traffic to your store?

In this session, Jenni shares proven and actionable strategies to help you grow your audience, direct traffic to your Etsy store, and increase your sales. 


session 17

etsy tips 2/2

Dani Marie

mastering the etsy algorithm and growing your shop through better conversion rates

Mastering the Etsy algorithm and ranking higher on the platform might not be as complicated as what you might have been told. In this session Dani explains why your conversion rate is the secret to better ranking, what it is, and how to optimize it and boost your sales.

session 18

beyond etsy

Holly Casto 

ETSY or YOUR OWN WEBSITE: 8 THINGS TO help you decide what's right for you

Is Etsy enough or should you have your own website? Should you have both from the start? If you've ever asked yourself these questions, this is the session for you!

Holly walks you through the 8 most important things you should consider to decide what's right for you. You will learn what are the advantages and drawbacks of each option, and be able to make the best possible decision for your business.

session 19

etsy seo

Richie Peplin + Gordon Hardy

the #1 Etsy SEO and Market Research tool for serious etsy sellers

In this presentation, Richie and Gordon walk you step-by-step through what Etsy SEO really is all about so you can get better rankings for your products, and consequently... more sales! 

You'll learn what the key elements of the Etsy SEO algorithm are and how to find great keywords. Most importantly, you'll learn how to use Marmalead to cut hours off your work week, be more competitive, and start getting serious results from your Etsy shop. If you're serious about selling on Etsy, don't miss out! 

selling on your own website

session 20


Lisa Jacobs

copywriting: how to write copy and product descriptions that sell 

What if you could increase your sales without needing more traffic? What if you could convert more visitors to buy your products, without feeling pushy or salesy? That's the power of copywriting.

Lisa goes back onto what really makes people click the buy button and helps you apply those principles to your own shop, so you can sell more through better product titles and better product descriptions.

session 21

website setup

Jess Van Den

how to set up your online shop in 7 steps

Setting up your online shop can be a little overwhelming and maybe you're not sure where to start.

From picking the right platform to store policies and everything in between, Jess guides you throught the 7 steps you need to take to set up your shop and start selling online.


session 22

shopify workshop

Deborah Engelmajer
Practical Workshop

practical workshop: set up your shopify store

In this practical workshop, you will learn how to go from "zero" to "ready to sell" and start selling your products on your own Shopify store. 

No tech-jargon and no coding skills required, just a simple step-by-step tutorial to that you can follow to be ready to sell on Shopify in no time!

session 22 

wordpress workshop

Deborah Engelmajer
Practical Workshop

practical workshop: set up your wordpress store

In this practical workshop, you will take a look behind the curtain while I set up an online store using WordPress and Woocommerce. You will learn how to do so yourself even if you don't know how to code and have never used WordPress before, so you can be ready to sell your products on your own WordPress site in no time!

selling wholesale

session 24

wholesale 1/2

Robin Kramer

how to Get "wholesale-ready"

In this first session, Robin explores what selling wholesale really mean for you and your business and how to get ready to work with retail stores.

Decide if selling wholesale is the right business model for your handmade shop, assess your brand and products to make sure that they are a good fit for it, and set up your business for success selling through the wholesale channel. 

session 24 

wholesale 1/2

Clare Yuille

how to pitch to (and work with) retailers successfully

In this second 'wholesale' session, Clare walks you through finding the right retail stores to work with, putting together an irresistible catalogue and linesheet,  understanding the 'wholesale' terms and conditions, pitching retailers successfully and get bigger, repeat orders from them.

selling at craft fairs and markets

 session 26

craft markets 1/2

Jenna Herbut

How to apply, get accepted, and sell confidently at a craft fair

In this session, Jenna shares her own experience selling at craft fairs and markets, as well as the knowledge she's gained over the year as the founder and director of the largest craft show in Canada to teach you how to apply successfully to a live event, sell confidently and make the most out of it.



session 27

craft markets 2/2

Monica Ng

How to be successful at craft fairs and design markets

In this session, Monica takes her experience selling successfully at craft fairs and design markets and shows you how to do the same. From getting ready before and selling more during the event, to leveraging your presence at craft fairs and markets to grow your business online, you will learn how to successfully integrate selling at live events in your business model and make more sales. 

marketing strategies

session 28


Andreea Ayers

how to get the press to talk about you and get free publicity

Andreea Ayers is a serial-entrepreneur who knows how to leverage the press to get free publicity for her products and drive more sales.

In this jam-packed session, she shares with you her actionable tips and tactics to pitching, connecting and working successfully with magazine editors and influential bloggers to help you get free publicity for your handmade products.

session 29


Hilary Pullen

how to use a blog to create a powerful online marketing strategy 

In this session, Hilary teaches you how to leverage a blog to create a powerful online marketing strategy for your handmade shop.

She walks you through how to use your blog to create an effective 'cross-channel' online marketing strategy so you can work smarter, not harder and get your products discovered and shared on the internet.

session 30

social media

Elle Roberts

How to create a smart and effective social media strategy 

In this session, Elle goes back to what it really means to create a successful social media strategy, what to post about to engage with your followers and grow your community, which social networks you should be focusing on, and how to organize your content calendar to be as efficient as possible. 

session 30 

customer path

Tara Swiger

how to craft a customer path to engage with your ideal buyers, create fans and get more sales

In this session, Tara helps you create a customer path for your ideal customers. Mapping your customer's journey form the moment they discover your products to the moment they click on the 'buy' button, and even what goes on after they purchased is the best way to create a buyer-focused marketing strategy and to engage with your ideal customers, create fans, and get more sales.


Sales strategies

 session 32

selling art online

Cory Huff

how to sell your art online 

In this session, Cory shows you that it is possible to sell your art online and to make a living off it without selling your soul. Create a content strategy along your sales funnel to introduce and put your art in front of those who are the most likely to buy from you, leverage Facebook to drive more sales, and much more!

Cut through the noise and find out what works best to sell your art online, so you can save time and do what you love most: make art! 

session 33

facebook ads

Jeremy Howie

how to get started with facebook ads for your online store

Jeremy has created successful campaigns in over 50 industries and has managed over $4 million in ad spend, reaching more than 100 million people with his Facebook ads. 

In this session, he guides you through using Facebook ads even if you are a beginner and shares powerful proven strategies to drive more sales to your handmade store. Don't miss this!

session 34

selling on instagram

Courtney + Elliot

how to grow your following and sell your products on instagram   

Growing a following on Instagram might be a good first step but if you're not generating sales from the platform, then you're really missing out!

Courtney and Elliot know more than a thing or two about leveraging your presence on Instagram and in this session, they teach you how to use Instagram to drive sales to your handmade shop.

session 34 


Vickie Howell

How to generate an income from teaching, speaking, and writing about your craft

In this session, Vickie shares her experience as a professional knit, crochet and craft designer, a successful author, broadcaster, and teacher.

You'll learn how to use different revenue streams to make a living from your craft without the need to sell your own products. We talk about licensing your art/craft, the 5 ways to monetize your craft blog, and how to teach your craft (online or in-person).

session 35 

Email marketing workshop

Practical Workshop

practical workshop: email marketing

In this practical workshop, you will learn what email marketing is and how to use it to turn your subscribers into buyers, and into repeat customers.

Through simple exercices and a step-by-step approach, you will finish this workshop having built your very own email series and be ready to implement it. 

Are you ready to make a living off your handmade shop?

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We’re taking our action-oriented philosophy a step further with hands-on workshops that will be running alongside the expert’s interviews. We’ll show you in details what we don’t have time to cover during the interviews. These workshops are designed to get into the nitty-gritty and help you get things done (think logo creation for example). They’re valued at over $100 each, but you get them all for free! Beginners and tech-challenged welcome!
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frequently asked questions
Who is this event for?

This online event is perfect for Makers, Handmade Entrepreneurs, Etsy Sellers, Creative Shop Owners, and anyone with a knack for the handmade and determined to make a living from it.

Wether you are already selling your handmade products, or only in the planning stages, this comprehensive event will help you move forward and build a successful and profitable handmade business.

Where does this event take place?
Wherever you are! This event is 100% online so you can attend from anywhere in the world. We’ve created this summit for makers and handmade entrepreneurs who can’t easily travel to go to a conference. Sometimes it’s because of work,  sometimes because you have kids to look after at home, and sometimes simply because you live too far away. Whatever the reason, you can finally join in on the fun and learn from world-class experts – all from the comfort of your own home!
How will I access the sessions ?

Whether you have a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer – you’ll be able to access all the sessions online really easily. Once you claim you free ticket, you will be registered for the event and you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the sessions. It will be as simple as clicking on a link in an email!

ready to cut your learning curve and to make a living selling what you make? 
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The MAKERS BIZ Summit is organized by Deborah Engelmajer, founder of Tizzit.co, a space dedicated to helping makers and handmade entrepreneurs craft a brand they’re proud of, set up and grow their online shop, and build a profitable handmade business.

” Hi there! I am Deb! I created this event to help you build a profitable handmade business, so you can make a living selling what you make. I want to use the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from my online marketing background and my years of experience as a graphic and web designer to apply to something I wholeheartedly believe in, which is helping businesses like yours thrive! I understand how hard and overwhelming it can feel to start and grow a business for having done so myself. So, I decided to host this 100% online event to give to those of you who can’t travel to far-away conferences or can’t afford expensive training programs the opportunity to get the help and support you most certainly deserve.

I am super excited about MAKERS BIZ and what it can do for your business and I hope you are too!!  Make sure you sign up to get your free pass, and watch out for my emails as they will have all the details you need to enjoy this event!”