30+ experts and successful handmade entrepreneurs share proven systems and strategies to help you
sell your handmade products online. 

An online event for makers, Etsy sellers, and handmade shop owners happening March 12th-18th.

Brand new agenda. Brand new sessions. Same freaking awesomeness as last year!

MAKERS BIZ has been created for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs, and for anyone with a knack for the handmade and determined to make a living from it. 

Over 30 experts and successful handmade entrepreneurs are sharing with you their best strategies and laying down the roadmap to selling your handmade products online successfully.

With a range of expert talks and hands-on workshops, all the sessions are value-packed and action-oriented; allowing you to effectively implement what you’ve learnt and cut years of trial and error off your learning curve.

This online event is organised to help you reach 3 main goals:

grow your handmade business

let's start with a strong foundation.

We’ve got you covered! We’ll talk about products and products collections, pricing, packaging, choosing your platform, building your shop, organising your finances, branding, taking beautiful product photos… Everything you need to build a strong foundation for your handmade business.
grow your handmade business

are you Tired of hearing crickets?

Build a marketing strategy that works for you and get traffic to your shop so you can finally put your products in front of your ideal customers. We will cover: how to create your own traffic plan, how to use social media to get more shop visitors, how to use paid ads (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), SEO, and more!
grow your handmade business

You're getting traffic, but not so many sales?

It’s time to learn how to turn your shop visitors into customers. After all, you started your handmade shop to make some money, right?! Learn how to go from ‘hello’ to “thank you for your purchase” using email marketing, sales and conversion strategies, photography, social media, retargeting, and so much more!

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we will be covering…
handmade biz 101

Start strong with a solid foundation for your biz: Bookkeeping, Legalities, Business Planning, Productivity, Finding Your Ideal Customers, and much more!

It’s everything you need to get started on the right foot and feel confident moving forward.


We’ll look at the 3 core pillars of your product strategy: Learn how to create and launch your collections, price your products for profit, and delight your customers with exquisite packaging.


Pick your platform,
set up your shop, and optimise it to turn your traffic into sales! Time to open up your shop, or if you already have one, to give it a makeover 🙂 Whether you sell on Etsy, on your own website or haven’t decided yet, we’ve got you covered!


When selling online, you have to look the part. Learn how to create a professional brand for your shop and how to take beautiful product images for your shop and for social media (photography 101, flat lays, styles shots, and more).


Are you overwhelmed by all-the-things marketing? You’re not alone. But rest assured, it doesn’t have to feel this way. With Maker’s Biz super actionable workshops, you’ll finally have a marketing plan that’s efficient, yet simple and you’ll be ready to welcome traffic and sales in your shop!


To sell handmade products online successfully, you need to understand and leverage Search Engine Optimisation strategies. Whether you sell on Etsy or on your own website, our experts will share with you their years of experience so you finally know what works VS what doesn’t.

social media

Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to get traffic to your store, and to turn those visitors into customers. From how to get started to much more advanced strategies, we’ll cover everything you need to know to use social media for your shop efficiently.

paid ads

Facebook Ads, Etsy Ads, Pinterest and Instagram Ads… it seems like you could advertise your shop everywhere. But should you? And if so, exactly HOW are you meant to do it? Our experts will guide you through the process so you can make more sales using paid advertising – cha-ching!

email marketing

Learn how to get started building your email list, what to send to your subscribers, and how to turn your newsletter subscribers into customers. This is a must if you’re serious about making a living selling your handmade products online.

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who’s presenting and what are the sessions about?
Our speakers are world-class experts and successful handmade entrepreneurs who will share with you tips and strategies they’ve learnt from experience – so you don’t have to make the mistakes they made when they started! All sessions are jam-packed with action-driven tips and tricks that you can apply to your own business.

This year, we welcome some new speakers, and some speakers who participated last year are also coming back , so you’ll see some familiar faces!

day 1 – 12th march
business foundation

10am CDT

ideal customer
Deborah Engelmajer
How to define your ideal customer (once and for all) and use it to build a crazy successful shop
In this workshop session, Deborah introduces the concept of the ‘ideal customer profile’ by looking at practical examples. By putting this fun exercise into context, you will learn how to define your own ideal customer profile, but also (and most importantly) how to use it to amplify your marketing and get more sales.

12pm CdT

customer service
Danielle Spurge
Customer service masterclass: how to delight your customers and deal with unhappy ones.
You’ve probably had to deal with an unhappy customer in the past, a bad review, or a strange request. And if you haven’t, it will most likely happen in the future. In this session, Danielle will share with you the answers she gives to the most commonly asked questions and requests she gets in her shop, as well as tips on how to handle bad reviews and awkward situations (e.g: package says delivered but customer says it’s not). Finally we also look at ways to avoid those situations in the first place and to delight your customers.

1pm CdT

success mindset
Sarah Sewell
makers success mindsets: an honest conversation on what it takes to make it in business
Building a successful shop is about much more than your products or your marketing. Underneath it all, there is you: the maker. And more often than not, the difference between successful shop owners and less successful ones is as simple as a mindset shift. Let’s have an honest conversation about what it takes to make it in business.

2pm CDT

Janet LeBlanc
A crash course in bookkeeping for makers 
In this session, Janet runs you through everything you need to know to take control of your shop’s bookkeeping, without the headache. What you should be tracking as a maker in business, what options are out there for you to keep track of everything, how to develop a good habit around your bookkeeping, how to automate and schedule, and what bookkeeping can teach you about your business. After this session, you’ll feel confident and have the resources you need to get your books in order – without any added stress!

3pm CDT


legal online
Kiffanie Stahle
How to create a privacy policy for your shop by playing Mad Libs: LIVE + Q&A
Having a privacy policy in your shop is not only a legal requirement, it’s also a necessity if you ever want to run Facebook or Instagram ads. In this LIVE workshop, Kiffanie helps you get legal online by writing your privacy policy… playing Mad Libs! Join us live for some fun + a chance to get your questions answered during our live Q&A.

4pm CDT

naming your shop
Gary Capps
How to come up with the perfect name for your handmade shop
In this presentation, we take a look at what makes a good shop name (and a not-so-good one…). With a few simple rules and recommendations, as well as a few examples, Gary will help you answer this dreaded question: “What should I call my shop?”

7pm CdT


time management
Jess Van Den
Time Management Strategies for Creatives
Between creating your products, running your shop, marketing it, your own personal life, and maybe even your day job… there simply isn’t enough hours in one day! Jessica is here to give you proven and actionable strategies to help you be more productive and better manage your time.
Day 2 – 13th march
products + Price + packaging

12pm cdt

Danielle Spurge + Janet LeBlanc
The art and science of pricing your handmade products
Pricing is part art and part science. In this session, Janet will share with you the science behind pricing for profit and dive into the numbers. But pricing strategically implies more than just adding a few numbers together. That’s why Danielle will introduce you to value-based pricing, help you decide if you need to raise your prices and how to do so easily, and ultimately, how to feel confident in asking what you’re worth. An absolute MUST WATCH.

2pm cdt

Deborah Engelmajer
How to craft the perfect packaging for your products, on brand and on a budget.
Delighting your customer with a branded and professional unboxing experience is key to turning your customers into raving fans. In this workshop, we explore what exactly makes a professional packaging, and how to brand your packages without breaking the bank.

4pm cdt

money mindset
Elle Roberts
Pricing for profit: money mindset shifts you absolutely need to be making
If you are a creative, a woman, and working for yourself, you have the trifecta of traits that are likely to see you undercharging and undervaluing your work. If you want to be profitable in your creative business you have to know the numbers but you also have to do the mindset work to have the confidence to charge well. In this honest conversation, we talk about the reasons why most creatives undervalue themselves and how to start shifting your mindset to create more abundance in your life and business. Perfect for anyone (woman or man) suffering from the starving artist syndrome.

7pm cdt


product collection
Kristin Wilson
How to create a cohesive product collection for your handmade shop
Ever wondered how exactly you should create a product collection? Finding it hard to select only a few of your creations?
In this session, Kristin shows you examples of successful product collections so you can learn how to apply it to your own business. She will teach you how to create product collections that will position you as a designer and help you stand out.
Day 3 – 14th march
your online shop

10am cdt

shop platforms
Dani Marie
Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, WordPress, and more: Which is the perfect platform to sell your handmade products online?
Should you start on Etsy? On your own website? And if so… should you use Shopify or WordPress? It’s not always easy to decide where to sell your products online, and frankly it can quickly become overwhelming. In this session, Dani breaks down for you the pros and cons of each and shares with you what she’s learnt from experience about each platform. You’ll get clarity and be able to make a decision that’s right for you.

12pm cdt

about page

Deborah Engelmajer

How To Write An “About Page” In 3 Simple Steps (And Get It Right The First Time)

Your about page is the second most important page right after your storefront on Etsy or homepage on your website. It’s visited more than you think and if it doesn’t immediately grab attention, you’re probably losing customers.

In this session, Clare will share with you practical and actionable advice to get you writing a perfect about page in 5 simple steps.

1pm cdt

amazon prime
Christina Beard
Selling handmade on Amazon FBA (Amazon Prime) 
In this session, Christina walks you through what selling your products on Amazon would look like, what the difference between handmade at Amazon and Amazon FBA is, what you need to get started, how much it would cost, and so much more! If you’ve ever wondered if selling on Amazon is right for you, you’ll love this session!

2pm cdt

etsy shop critique
Jenni Waldrop
How to do your own Etsy shop critique 
Wondering why your competitors seem to be killing it while you’re still struggling for traffic and sales? In this short power session, Jenni will give you the tools you need to take a look at your shop objectively and adjust your strategy in order to be more successful. The tips she shares are probably not what you thought they’d be, and that’s a good thing. Because if you do the work, you WILL see the results.

3pm cdt

beyond etsy
Jeff Daigle
Beyond Etsy: How to transition or expand to selling on your own website
Wondering what is waiting for you beyond Etsy? If you started selling your handmade products on Etsy but would like to start selling on your own website instead (or side-by-side with Etsy), this is the session for you. Jeff has helped many makers with the transition and in this session, he shares the exact step-by-step process he uses with his clients. Don’t miss out!

4pm cdt

landing pages
Kate Pullen
The Power Page Strategy: how to use landing pages to sell your handmade products
In this workshop-style session, Kate will show you how to use landing pages to sell your handmade products online. Landing pages are simple sales pages (not as complex as a website, yet not an Etsy shop either) that you can build easily (even if you’re not techie at all) to help you sell your products online. Don’t miss out and grab a seat at this workshop, workbook included 🙂

5pm cdt


set up shop
Deborah Engelmajer
Practical Workshop: Online Shop Success Blueprint 
In this LIVE practical workshop, Deborah will share with you the blueprint to a successful online shop. Page by page and in plain English, she will share actionable advice to help you improve your website so you can get more sales from it. Homepage, about page, product pages, addons and plugins you might (or might not) need, this is everything you need to know to set up a successful online shop.
Day 4 – 15th march
branding and photography

10am cdt

product photography
Amy Eaton
10 common product photography mistakes and how to avoid them
If you’ve tried to take pictures for your products, you know how tricky it can be. The background is never the color you thought it’d be, there’s some weird shadows, too much light, not enough light… It’s not always easy! In this session, Amy guides you through the 10 most common product photography mistakes and gives you tips to avoid and fix them.

12pm cdt

branding 1/2
Arianne Foulks
Branding fundamentals: how to create a strong brand and stand out from the crowd 
In this session, Arianne will shine some light on what really makes a good brand (and it might not be what you think it is!), talk about common branding mistakes she wants you to avoid, and give you some practical advice on how to get your brand together (whether you’re just getting started and on a budget or ready to work with a professional).

2pm cdt

branding 2/2
Deborah Engelmajer
Branding check-in: How to do your own brand audit 
In this workshop, you will learn a simple process to help you do your very own brand audit. Follow some simple steps to find out what you could improve to make your brand stand out. We’ll cover and look at everything from your logo to your brand personality, and look for ways to make sure you’re attracting people who are ready to buy from you! This is a fun and super actionable workshop, so grab a notebook!

3pm cdt

Chaitra Radhakrishna
iPhon-o-graphy: How to take beautiful pictures of your products with your iPhone
You know you need to take better product pictures, and everyone is telling you that you can do it with your iPhone. But you’ve tried, and well… it wasn’t all that pretty. We’ve all been there, but don’t worry: in this session Chaitra will show you the exact techniques that will help you capture beautiful photos using your iPhone. You’ll learn tips on lighting, styling and even how to edit your images (without the headache!).

4pm cdt

image analytics
Jake Phillips
How to use analytics to optimize your product images and increase your sales
Ever wondered if you should use lifestyle images as the main thumbnail for your products? Or maybe a white background? In this short power-session, Jake will teach you (in plain English) how to use A/B testing to stand out from the crowd and increase your traffic and sales with product photography.

6pm cdt


graphic design
Mikaela Danvers
Brand Graphics Makeover: One simple trick to create effective graphics that sell your products
Knowing how to create pretty graphics can help you market your brand on social media, create images for your product listings, your shop’s banner, and so much more! But where do you start if you’re not a graphic designer and can’t afford to work with one yet? Mikaela will show you how one simple trick can improve your graphics tenfold, and how to use free and simple tools to make it all happen. This is a LIVE session so join us live for some fun and a Q&A session.
Day 5 – 16th march
marketing strategy

10am cdt

digital marketing
Tracy Matthews
The 9 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint for Consistent Sales Online
If the idea of marketing your products online gives you a headache, you need to join Tracy and Deborah in this jam-packed marketing strategy session. Based on the Digital Marketing Scorecard system, this session will guide you through the 9-stages of marketing your products online successfully. Tracy has proven this system to work time and time again… It will work for you too!

12pm cdt

website sales
Sarah Quinney
How to get more sales on your website, without necessarily needing more traffic 
If you are getting traffic to your shop, but you’re not quite satisfied with the number of sales you’re getting from it – this is for you! Sarah talks you through the best ways to increase your conversion rate, so you can see more sales coming in, without needing to drive more traffic to your shop.

1pm cdt

etsy sales
Morgan Nield
How to turn your Etsy views into sales 
You’re working hard at getting people to visit your shop, it’s time to make sure you’ve got a system in place to turn those views into sales. After all, you started your shop to make some money, right? Morgan will walk you through the exact marketing system she’s used to sell over 22000 products on Etsy (not a typo!), so you can start implementing it to your shop as well.

3pm cdt


Deborah Engelmajer
Live Traffic Workshop: create your very own traffic plan and start bringing visitors to your online shop
In this LIVE workshop, we tackle the #1 concern most handmade shop owners face: getting traffic to your online store. You will learn what the 6 sources of traffic you can leverage to bring more visitors to your store are; and by the end of the workshop, you will have built your very own traffic plan – ready to be implemented.

4pm cdt

google analytics
Lesley Hays
How to use Google analytics to make better decisions and grow your shop
In this session, Lesley will show you how to use Google Analytics to gain the insights you need to make better business decisions. Whether you sell on Etsy or on your own website, learn the best ways to start analysing your numbers so you can adjust your marketing efforts and focus on what’s working for you.

5pm cdt

revenue streams
Sara Millis
Creating multiple revenue streams to avoid ‘dry’ sales spells
If you’re looking for ways to expand your marketing strategy to new sources of income, this is the session for you. Sara will show you how to add new revenue streams to your shop (without necessarily requiring much more time on your part!) to help you avoid those dry sales spells.

6pm cdt


marketing plan
Deborah Engelmajer
LIVE Marketing Plan Workshop: Create a successful marketing strategy for your handmade shop
In this LIVE workshop, Deborah will guide you through the process of creating your very own marketing plan. If you feel overwhelmed by your marketing and/or have no idea how to put the pieces of the puzzle together, this session is for you. You will come out of this workshop with a simple, yet extremely effective marketing plan that you’ll be ready to implement straight away. An absolute MUST WATCH.
Day 6 – 17th march
seo + email marketing

10am cdt

etsy seo
Richie + Gordon (Marmalead)
Etsy SEO: what has changed in 2017
Richie and Gordon are experts when it comes to Etsy SEO, and understand the Etsy algorithm like you and I understand English. In this session, they will help you review the changes that happened this year on the platform and what it means when it comes to your Etsy SEO strategy. Listen in to understand how to make the algorithm changes work for your handmade shop.

12pm cdt

email marketing
Dalia Abdalla
Email marketing: how to grow your email list and exactly how to make sales from it 
Everyone is telling you that you should grow an email list but you have no idea how to even get started? And then, what do you even email to those people once they sign up? Fear no more, Dalia is here to share with you exactly how to grow your email list, and what to send to get traffic and sales from it.

2pm cdt

google seo
Dalia Abdalla
Google SEO step-by-step: how to optimise your shop to rank in the search results 
Dalia is a pro when it comes to getting your shop to rank high in Google search results. This means free, organic traffic to your shop – and who doesn’t want some of that? If you’ve always been confused by Google SEO, this step-by-step approach will get you up and going in no time.

4pm cdt

etsy seo mistakes
Anthony Wolf
10 common SEO mistakes on Etsy and how to avoid them
When done right, Etsy SEO is the best way to get traffic and visitors to your Etsy store. In this session, Anthony (founder of EtsyRank), helps you avoid the 10 most common SEO mistakes Etsy seller make, so you can get on top of your game.
Day 7 – 18th march
social media + paid ads

10am cdt

Rachel Miller
Real strategies to seriously grow your Facebook page and make money from it 
There is SO much noise around Facebook page marketing that it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Throw in a Facebook algorithm change in the mix and it’s easy to feel like growing a Facebook page and making sales from it is mission impossible. In this session, Rachel gives you the exact strategies you need to use to grow your following on Facebook, and make sales from it.

12pm cdt

Kate Foley
How to Naturally Sell on Instagram and Work with the Algorithm
In this session, Kate shares the strategies you should use to connect with potential buyers on Instagram. You will learn what to say, how to feature your products, how to use hashtags to get found by customers (not by other makers) and how to increase engagement by growing a community around your brand (not just followers).

2pm cdt

pinterest ads
Alisa Meredith
How to use Pinterest Ads to promote your online shop 
In this session, Pinterest expert Alisa Meredith breaks down how to run your very first Pinterest ad campaign, tells you how much you should spend, what targeting you should use, and share some insider tips to help you make the most out of the Pinterest advertising platform.

4pm cdt

facebook ads
Mei Pak
Everything you need to get started with Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to scale your shop’s traffic and sales. In this workshop, Mei teaches you everything you need to know to be able to start running your very first campaign: campaign structure, budget, audiences + some secret success tips. Get ready to take a lot of notes!

6pm cdt


pinterest 101
Jami King
How to use Pinterest to bring traffic to your shop: LIVE workshop
If you aren’t using Pinterest to drive traffic to your shop, it’s time you join the pinning party. In this LIVE workshop (with live Q&A), Jami will teach you how to get started on the platform and everything you need to know to start getting traffic and sales from Pinterest. It truly is one of the most effective ways to get buyers to your shop, so don’t miss out and join us LIVE. There will be time for a Q&A in the end.

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hands-on workshops
We’re taking our action-oriented philosophy a step further with hands-on workshops that will be running alongside the expert’s interviews. We’ll show you in details what we don’t have time to cover during the interviews. These workshops are designed to get into the nitty-gritty and help you get things done (think putting together your marketing strategy once and for all, or creating your very own traffic plan). They’re valued at over $100 each, but you get them all for free! Beginners and tech-challenged welcome!
start making money selling your handmade products online
What you’ll learn in this event will save you years of trial and error. Learn the most effective strategies and follow the roadmap that our experienced speakers are laying out for you. Build and grow a handmade shop you’re proud of, and make a living selling what you make!

frequently asked questions
Who is this event for?
This online event is perfect for Makers, Handmade Entrepreneurs, Etsy Sellers, and Creative Shop Owners determined to make a living selling their handmade products online.

Wether you are already selling your handmade products, or only in the planning stages, this comprehensive event will help you move forward and build a successful and profitable handmade shop.

Where does this event take place?
Wherever you are! This event is 100% online so you can attend from anywhere in the world. We’ve created this summit for makers and handmade entrepreneurs who can’t easily travel to go to a conference. Sometimes it’s because of work,  sometimes because you have kids to look after at home, and sometimes simply because you live too far away. Whatever the reason, you can finally join in on the fun and learn from world-class experts – all from the comfort of your own home!
How will I access the sessions ?
Whether you have a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer – you’ll be able to access all the sessions online really easily. Once you claim your free ticket, you will be registered for the event and you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the sessions. It will be as simple as clicking on a link in an email!
I attended this summit last year, is this the same?
Oh h*ck no! Every single session is completely NEW. This means a completely new program, this year focused exclusively on selling your handmade products online. Some speakers are coming back, but we also have new speakers on board, and (super excited about this!) we’ve added some LIVE sessions so you can get your questions answered live!
ready to cut your learning curve and sell your products online successfully? 
( of course you are! )

The MAKER’S BIZ Summit is organized by Deborah Engelmajer, founder of Tizzit.co, a space dedicated to helping makers and handmade entrepreneurs build a profitable handmade business. 
” Hi there! I am Deb! I created this event to help you build a profitable handmade business, so you can make a living selling what you make. I want to use the knowledge and skills to apply to something I wholeheartedly believe in, which is helping businesses like yours thrive! I understand how hard and overwhelming it can feel to start and grow a business for having done so myself. So, I decided to host this 100% online event to give to those of you who can’t travel to far-away conferences or can’t afford expensive training programs the opportunity to get the help and support you most certainly deserve.

Last year, over 5000 makers from all over the world gathered for this unique online event. I can’t wait to do it all again this year!

I am super excited about MAKER’S BIZ and what it can do for your business and I hope you are too!!  Make sure you sign up below to get your free pass, and watch out for my emails as they will have all the details you need to enjoy this event!”