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Lesson 10 – Summing up + What’s next?

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How to start a successful online shop

Your roadmap to success

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Starting a Successful Online Shop

In this course, we’ve covered everything from your business vision, to your branding, your prices, and much more! By now, you should be ready to actually put your products out there and start making sales.

So… how are we going to do that? Unless you have decided to focus exclusively on selling at craft fairs and markets or through the wholesale channel, it’s time to open up your online store!

I love Etsy – and I am sure you do too – but the best way to grow your business long term is to launch your own online shop. You can of course have your etsy shop on the side, but this is by far what will give you the more freedom and will allow you to engage with your visitors and customers in a deeper and more meaningful way. Having your own store will help you greatly in your marketing efforts, which mean more visitors to your shop > more sales > more happy dances!

I won’t get into too many details in this lesson (I could easily dedicate an entire course on it), but I wanted to make sure that you know where to start when it comes to selling your products online. For this reason I have created the Ultimate Start a Shop Checklist.

It covers everything you need to know about opening your online shop + tips for getting it all done!

Your Roadmap To Success

If you want to make progress in your business, you have to focus on what matters and leave the rest to the side, for now. It’s so tempting to work on a billion things at once, especially in the early stages when it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. But the truth is: you don’t need to spend 4 hours on social media per day, while trying to fulfill your orders, while trying to design and set up your entire website, while testing your conversion-rate-even-though-you-just-opened-boutique, while trying to write every week on your blog, while trying to not go crazy!

A good way to avoid the frenziness, is to take a step back and ask yourself: what is important right now?  To do so, follow this simple rule: Only do what is required for the stage of business you’re in. Don’t get ahead of yourself and keep it simple: one little but meaningful step at a time. 

I created the Maker’s Roadmap Planner to help makers like you beat the overwhelm. It’s a productivity journal and growth tool for makers in business, and you can check it out right here if you’d like to.

Every business is different, and the path to a profitable and successful shop is different for all. Keeping this in mind, I’ve created a basic roadmap for what to focus on depending on the stage of growth you’re in. Think of it as a simple alternative to following a boring business plan!

This is the end of “from Dream to Handmade Biz”! Don’t forget today’s downloads and send me an email to let me know what you thought of the course. I would really appreciate it  🙂 

Congratulations on finishing the course and remember that you can go back to any lesson at any time. So if you didn’t finish all the exercises, you can go through the course content again and get it all done 🙂

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