How to set up a beautiful and profitable website to sell your handmade products

(even if you have zero tech skills, a tiny budget and no time to waste)

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In the meantime, if you’ve been struggling with your website, you need to read this…

If you’re like most people wanting to build a website, you’ll probably agree that it can be SO frustrating.

First, there’s all these different platforms you need to consider: Shopify? WordPress? Wix? Squarespace? And the list goes on…
Then, there’s all the techy stuff: hosting, domain, security, themes, plugins, add-ons… what is all that jargon about?!

How good would it be if you could build your own website without techy knowledge and hours of study?! So you could go back to what you really like doing: creating!
Answer: So good. It would be SO dam good. 

Seriously, who has time to build a website? And at the same time, who has $5000 to spend on a web designer when just getting started?

It’s a catch 22:

You need a website to sell your products and make money.
You need money to pay someone to build a good looking, professional website.
Argh! What a nightmare.

What you really want is a complete walkthrough with steps in chronological order so you can create a contemporary, effective website without the high price tag, and without needing to invest hundred of hours of your precious (and limited!) time. Am I right?

So, here’s the #1 thing you should do next:

Pick either Shopify or WordPress, and start building that website already!

Seriously, I spent the last 5 years building websites for a living, and I have tried many different platforms.
And let me tell you right now: the ONLY two good choices are Shopify or WordPress.

And the best part?

They’re both equally good! People will tell you “get Shopify!” or “get WordPress!” because that’s what they are using. And that’s fair enough.
But the truth? They’re both excellent platforms that will let you set a store quickly, easily, and that will scale and grow with your business over time.
Whatever you decide, you can NOT make a bad decision if you pick one of these 2 options.

So… what will it be: Shopify? Or WordPress?

Follow your guts feeling and if you really can’t decide (I am being serious)… Flip a coin!

Liberating? I thought so 😉

The next thing you need to do is to build that website already! It’s ok to do a bit of research but at the end of the day the only way to get your online store off the ground is to get your hands dirty and to start working on it.

What if you could set up a beautiful, functioning, professional website before the end of the week?
Yes, you can. And I want to help.

I’ve put my years of experience building websites into 2 practical workshops to help YOU build the perfect website to sell your handmade products, in record time, and for a very low fee. 

So here is what I encourage you to do: Get one of these 2 awesome workshop and start building your website! 

My promise to you is this one: If you really don’t like the platform you chose (i.e you went with Shopify but decide to use WordPress in the end) I will give you access the other workshop FOR FREE. 

You honestly can’t go wrong, I’ve got your back!

Here is what people said about the training:

Attendee Reviews

Thank you so much for this tutorial Deb! So comprehensive. I think I can actually finally tackle building my website – I didn’t know where to start, but am feeling much less overwhelmed now.


AWESOME workshop! Took the fear out of utilizing Shopify to sell my products! A MILLION THANKS!!


This workshop is SO VERY HELPFUL! Thank you Deb… I have plans to set up a shop on my WP site and this is the route I was thinking of taking. Watching your step by step guide was SO helpful!


Being that I’m at the stage of transitioning from Etsy shop to a website, this was perfect timing. What a big help!


Thanks so much for the workshop! I got bogged down with setting this up on my own and you gave really clear and easy instructions.


I had my designer set up my Shopify store 2 years ago and I have been scared to play around with changing it. Thank you so much for de-mystifying it for me!! 🙂 Cindy

Choose your own adventure…

And if you end up changing your mind remember… I will give you access to the other workshop for FREE!

Watch over my shoulder as I build a store from scratch and learn exactly what you need to do to have your own shop up and running.

Nothing is left out, no tech jargon or techy skills needed. I will walk you through each step in plain english.

The simplest and most efficient way to have your website up and running in no time! 

Here is what we will cover:

  • Everyting you need to know to get started (signing up for the service, hosting, domain name, etc.)
  • Picking a theme 
  • How to customize your theme, so your website reflects your brand and looks like no other! Everything from colors, logo, fonts, and more.
  • How to set up product categories
  • How to add products to your shop
  • How to set up a beautiful homepage
  • How to set up all the other pages (About, Product Categories, Contact, etc.)
  • Important Settings (Shipping/Payment) before going LIVE!

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